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By Tai Moses

Every animal has a story.

In ZOOBURBIA, city naturalist Tai Moses launches a full of life exploration into "the notable, unruly, half-wild realm the place human and animal lives overlap." The author's woodsy yard on the base of the Oakland hills turns into a laboratory for encounters with numerous animals, from deer, raccoons and squirrels to birds, lizards and feral cats. The extra Moses learns approximately their ordinary histories, the extra curious she turns into approximately their existence histories--their tales. After a failed try at yard farming, Moses turns her energies to flora and fauna gardening with a purpose to repair the various dwindling habitat that sustains our wild associates. a charming combination of memoir, common historical past and storytelling, illustrated with unique linoleum block prints by means of Dave Buchen, Zooburbia is a magnifying lens grew to become to our daily atmosphere.

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