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Upgrading and Repairing computers is the runaway best-selling computer ebook of all time and one of many best-selling computing device books ever! This fifteenth version is loaded with the main up to date info at any place. World-renowned notebook specialist Scott Mueller has taught hundreds of thousands in his weeklong seminars and hundreds of thousands via his books, movies and articles. This version includes countless numbers of pages of latest fabric, together with the newest in processor and motherboard applied sciences. The DVD will give you greater than hours of top quality video plus a searchable harddisk database, a searchable seller database, and hundreds of thousands of pages of legacy laptop assurance which may not be integrated within the published booklet, yet which are important to notebook techs servicing older pcs!

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The hard disk is the primary archival storage memory for the system. " CD (compact disc) and DVD (digital versatile disc) drives are relatively high-capacity, removable media, optical drives; many recent systems include a rewriteable CD (CD-RW) along with or combined with a DVD-ROM drive. " The keyboard is the primary device on a PC that is used by a human to communicate with and control a system. " Although many types of pointing devices are on the market today, the first and most popular device for this purpose is the mouse.

These boards use either the AMD chipsets or other chipsets made by third-party companies specifically to support AMD processors. The same motherboard companies making boards for AMD processor-based systems also make motherboards for Intel processor-based systems, in essence competing directly with Intel's own motherboards. See "Chipsets," p. 229. How did Intel come to dominate the interior of our PCs? Intel has been the dominant PC processor supplier since IBM chose the Intel 8088 CPU in the original IBM PC in 1981.

This means that computers you will purchase two years from now will be about twice as fast and store twice as much as what you can purchase today. The really amazing part is that this rapid pace of evolution shows no signs of letting up; in fact, the pace might be increasing. [ Team LiB ] [ Team LiB ] 32 33 Chapter 2. PC Components, Features, and System Design What Is a PC? System Types System Components [ Team LiB ] [ Team LiB ] What Is a PC? " when I begin one of my PC hardware seminars. Of course, most people immediately answer that PC stands for personal computer, which in fact it does.

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