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No as the date. When he adds 'iste prior in Hispaniam monasticae observantiae usum et regulam dicitur adduxisse', he illustrates how little an educated seventh-century Goth knew about the early history of monasticism in Spain. There were severe Byzantine reverses in Africa in 569~70. Jo. a. (ii. 212). s Fontaine, ii. 835 ff. 6 Zeiss, pp. n8, 123. Imports from France: ibid. , 68, 112, etc. For Pamplona sec ibid. , III f. For Goths in France see Greg. , HF iv. 26 (p. 159. 12), 51 (p. t88. x6). THE ARIAN KINGDOM sixth century (p.

The Catholics held many synods-at Agde (Agatha) in so6, at Toledo in 507,1 at Tarragona and Gerona in p6 and 517, at Lerida and Valencia in 524 (though these may have met in 546 and 549 respectively). They held the Second Council of Toledo in 52 7, and another at Toledo which only Isidore mentions (p. 32 above), and finally a council at Barcelona c. 540. At Agde the bishops directed that a synod should meet every year. They 1 2 Ibid. 1_3. Cone. Tarrac. 8. See Montanus's two letters appended to the acts of the Second Council of Toledo in Mansi, viii.

4 Ibid. 789c-o, 'nee provinciae privilegiis nee rerum domini noscuntur utilitatibus convenire; quia iam ad ips urn huiuscemodi fama perlata est'. ;; above) emphasizing that the old custom must be restored : and if Turribius ignores this warning Montanus will be obliged to report him to the King and also 'to our son Erganis' (perhaps the Gothic dux of the province). 1 Evidently the King thought it important that the provincial boundaries should in some ways be rigid barriers; and indeed, during the Catholic period, too, the provincial frontiers had a very real significance.

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