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By Jody C. Baumgartner

Since 1960 the place of work of the vice presidency of the U.S. has advanced right into a essentially varied establishment than the only the founders expected, attracting better-qualified aspirants who might be known as upon to accomplish a number of vital projects. This publication bargains a corrective to the overwhelmingly destructive view that american citizens have had in their vice presidents through demonstrating how the position has replaced over the years. additionally, Baumgartner examines those that have been applicants for vp yet who weren't elected. The publication is prepared thematically in response to the occupation direction of the vp, from the choice strategy via crusade and nomination to election, carrier in place of work, and post-White apartment contributions.

John Adams famously referred to as the vice presidency, the main insignificant place of work that ever the discovery of guy contrived or his mind's eye conceived. Harry Truman referred to as it, approximately as precious as a cow's 5th teat. How issues have replaced in an international the place many contemplate vp Dick Cheney the main strong determine within the present administration.

Since 1960 the place of work of the vice presidency of the USA has developed right into a essentially varied establishment than the single the founders expected, attracting better-qualified aspirants who might be referred to as upon to accomplish quite a few very important projects. not a ceremonial figurehead or legislative drudge, the vice chairman this present day consults heavily with the president and performs an incredible position in government judgements. people who find themselves selected as working associates are tested extra completely than ever ahead of, no longer in simple terms for the enhance they may provide the presidential candidate within the basic election, but in addition for the type of president they may be if destiny known as upon them to serve.

In a ebook that's as readable because it is interesting, Baumgartner deals a corrective to the overwhelmingly detrimental view americans have had in their vice presidents by way of demonstrating how the position has replaced through the years. surroundings the level with a trip to the Constitutional conference and a quick examine pre-modern vice presidents, he examines the nineteen males and one lady who've been vice presidents or applicants for the workplace seeing that 1960. His insightful booklet is prepared thematically in keeping with the occupation direction of the vice president-from the choice technique throughout the crusade and nomination to election, provider in place of work, and post-White condominium contributions.

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The candidates are also all well educated, some highly so. Each has had a degree from at least one institution of higher learning, and in many cases, more than one. This is a positive development in terms of the qualifications of vice presidential candidates. With respect to their previous occupations, most have been lawyers. Arguably, having served in the military is important in preparing a vice presidential or presidential aspirant to serve as commander-inchief. In addition, military service always has been an electoral plus for an aspirant to virtually any political office; the presidency and the vice presidency are no different.

Dole, Republican 1980 George H. W. Bush, Republican Walter F. Mondale, Democrat 1984 George H. W. Bush, Republican Geraldine A. Ferraro, Democrat 1988 J. Danforth Quayle, Republican Lloyd M. , Democrat 1992 Albert A. , Democrat J. Danforth Quayle, Republican 1996 Albert A. , Democrat Jack F. Kemp, Republican 2000 Richard B. Cheney, Republican Joseph L. Lieberman, Democrat 2004 Richard B. Cheney, Republican John Edwards, Democrat * In 1973, according to the provisions of the Twenty-fifth Amendment, Gerald Ford was nominated to the vice presidency and approved by Congress after the office became vacant due to the resignation of Spiro Agnew.

Several factors can account for this, but on the whole we could point to the Civil Rights and feminist movements of the 1960s and early ’70s which contributed to a macro-level societal change in the way we understand equality and democracy. In the premodern era all vice presidential candidates were white, and this is the case in the modern era as well. The United States has never had a major-party vice presidential candidate who was a racial minority. There have however, been at least two election cycles during which minority candidates were seriously considered for the second slot.

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