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Scripting in Java teaches you the way to take advantage of the Java Scripting API and JavaScript to execute scripts and reap the benefits of the gains of a scripting language whereas constructing Java functions. The e-book additionally covers themes that let scripting languages to exploit Java gains and the Java classification library, together with the hot Java Collections and JavaFX eight APIs. lots of the examples during this e-book use JavaScript at the Nashorn engine.

Author Kishori Sharan will convey you scripts in JavaScript to illustrate its energy and use on your Java purposes. many of the examples use the jrunscript and jjs command-line instruments. moreover, debugging is mentioned to equip you for occasions whilst or if you happen to come upon any concerns with this type of Java scripting. After analyzing and utilizing this ebook, you've so much of what you must do scripting in Java.

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If you want to test if a key exists, you need to use its contains() method. Listing 3-1. println("params contains year = " + containsYear); } } 26 CHAPTER 3 N PASSING PARAMETERS TO SCRIPTS msg = Hello year = 1969 year = null params contains year = false You will not use a Bindings by itself. Often, you will use it to pass parameters from Java code to a script engine. The ScriptEngine interface contains a createBindings() method that returns an instance of the Bindings interface. This method gives a script engine a chance to return an instance of the specialized implementation of the Bindings interface.

I++ -- Decrement --i Decrements the operand by 1. i-delete delete prop Deletes the specified property from an object. void void expr Discards the return value of the specified expression. typeof typeof expr Returns a String describing the type of the specified expression. + Unary Plus +op Converts the operand to the Number type. - Unary Negation -op Converts the operand to the Number type and then negates the converted value. ~ Bitwise NOT ~op Uses the operand as a 32-bit signed integer, flips its bits, and returns the result as a 32-bit signed integer.

Reserved words listed in Table 4-1 are already in use as keywords. You are familiar with most of these keywords in Java. In Nashorn, they have the same meaning; for example, for, do, and while are used to denote looping constructs, whereas break and continue are used to break out of loops and continue with the next iteration in the loop. I will explain the keywords specific to Nashorn in this chapter briefly. Tables 4-2 and 4-3 list keywords that are not in use yet, but they will be used in the future.

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