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Recent Developments in Mercury Science

J. C. Andrews: Mercury Speciation within the atmosphere utilizing X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy. -H. Zhang: Photochemical Redox Reactions of Mercury. -D. C. Bebout, S. M. Berry: Probing Mercury complicated Speciation with Multinuclear NMR. -G. J. furnish: Mercury(II) Complexes with Thiacrowns and comparable Macrocyclic Ligands.

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On the two types of agar in the dishes below, so many cells have grown that, together, they form dots and lines. com/unit_project to find project ideas and resources. Projects include: • Career Brainstorm a list of questions for a health professional about cell reproduction, or bacteria and virus resistance to drugs. • Technology Design both a chart and a graph that present information on cell reproduction rates during specific time intervals. • Model Construct a thumb flip book that models mitosis.

Scientific Names Binomial nomenclature is the two-word naming system that gives organisms their scientific names. Tools for Identifying Organisms Field guides and dichotomous keys are used to identify organisms. 1. State Aristotle’s and Linnaeus’ contributions to classifying living things. 2. Identify a specific characteristic used to classify organisms. 3. Describe what each of the two words identifies in binomial nomenclature. 4. Think Critically Would you expect a field guide to have common names as well as scientific names?

Before the seventeenth century, some people thought that insects and fish came from mud, that earthworms fell from the sky when it rained, and that mice came from grain. These were logical conclusions at that time, based on repeated personal experiences. The idea that living things come from nonliving things is known as spontaneous generation. This idea became a theory that was accepted for several hundred years. When scientists began to use controlled experiments to test this theory, the theory changed.

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