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By Dick Lutz, Judy Marie Lutz

This booklet tells, not just information regarding the KOMODO DRAGON, yet contains a certain account of its first U.S. breeding.

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Komodo: The Living Dragon

This booklet tells, not just information regarding the KOMODO DRAGON, yet incorporates a distinct account of its first U. S. breeding.

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Decaying flesh releases putrid oils which are much stronger than the scent of live game, especially by the second day, and any dragon will follow carrion scent as far as 7 miles (11 km) into another's foraging range or even core area. Despite his precautions to avoid any dragon larger than himself, this dragon may well meet several other dangerous dragons - both male and female - over the carcass of a dead deer or boar today. YoungBlood Spread the jungle crow's wings and fly off to the eastern slopes of the island's tallest mountain, Gunung Ara, which soars 2,412 feet (737 m) above sea level and has already been warmed by the sun.

Some reptile species such as crocodiles take close care of their young, both in the eggs and as hatchlings, but Komodo monitors are not among them: half of this young dragon's clutchrnates disappeared down an adult dragon's throat while they were still in their eggs. 3 centimeters), but all of them grow quickly, abandoning theirclutchmates in less than a month. Since it hatched in April or May, near the end of the rainy season, this youngster and the others of its generation have already adjusted to their dry season diet of geckoes, skinks, and other lizards.

Now only a hoof and the horns are left. The two larger dragons are so full that their stomachs sag to the ground, yet if they were of opposite sexes, this would be the ideal time for mating. A dragon rendezvous is more like bumping carts The Life of the Dragon 51 in the supermarket than taking a date to a restaurant, since any dragon that smells fresh blood or carrion will invite itself to the feast and the larger adults may quarrel fiercely over pieces of meat. Lizard anatomy makes it impossible for the male to mount the female from behind as most animals do, as the tail gets in the way.

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