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By Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley

This huge ten-volume sequence, the 1st quantity of which was once released in 1996, is the main finished and trustworthy reference paintings at the birds of the Indian subcontinent. A completely revised moment variation with new plates, textual content revisions, and the addition of recent subspecies, it comprises information regarding long-range migration and taxonomic adjustments, in addition to existence background info, money owed of habit, ecology, and distribution and migration records.
somebody with an curiosity in flora and fauna at the Indian subcontinent, will locate those volumes to be a unprecedented source.

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Jungle in low-lying swampy tracts subject to seasonal flooding adjacent to the larger rivers of the Ganges and Brahmaputra systems. Exce~tionallyfound on the Cherrapunji plateau, c. 1200 m. e. Owing to draining of the chaurs and swamps in many of its terai habitats, the species is becoming scarce where formerly abundant. GENERAL HABITS. Keeps in pairs or coveys of 5 or 6 birds to swampy ground, wading about through mud and shallow water. Where water too deep for this, clambers up the reed stems like Purple Moorhen (Porphyrio) and makes its way thus to reach drier ground.

Kiro liEr (Sind) ; T a m (Pushtu) ; S- Siyahgwar, 9 SMnz (Baluchi). SIZE and FIELD CHARACTERS. V. STATUS, DISTRIBWION and HABITAT. Resident. ), Sind, Chitral (to c. 1200 m. ). More abundant in Upper Sind than in Lower. Affects grass and tamarisk jungle bordering canals and cultivation. OENERAL HABITS, FOOD,VOICE and CALLS. As of 238. BREEDINO. Seaon, much protracted: March to May, with evidently a second bunt from August to October. Nest and eggs as in 238. Average size of 30 eggs 3 9 . 0 x 31 a 7 mm.

Weight 88 10-20 OZ. (c. ); 9 9 8-17 oz. (c. ) - Hume. COLOURS OF BAFS PARTS. As in 238, but legs and feet very bright deep red in breeding season. FRANCOLINUS PICTUS (Jardine & Selby) Key to the Subepcdem ................... F. P. pallidus B Darker; dull, earthy rufous below.. F. p. picfur C Darkest; heavily marked with black below. F. p. wahoni A Paler; bright, pale rufous below. Page 25 27 27 240. Northern Painted Partridge. Francolinw pictw pallidus (J. E. Gray) Perdix hepburnii var. pallida J.

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