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By Jeffrey Gantz

First written down within the 8th century advert, those early Irish tales depict a miles older international half fable, half legend and half historical past. wealthy with magic and achingly appealing, they converse of a land of heroic battles, severe love and warrior beliefs, within which the otherworld is explored and males mingle freely with the gods. From the vibrant adventures of the good Celtic hero Cu Chulaind, to the beautiful Exile of the Sons of Uisliu' a story of treachery, honour and romance those are masterpieces of ardour and energy, and shape the root for the Irish literary culture: a mythic legacy that was once a strong effect at the paintings of Yeats, Synge and Joyce.

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Bretain: the southern part of the British isle; the people of that area. Ulaid: Ulster, especially the area between Armagh and Dundalk; the people of that area. Connachta: Connaught, especially the area round Cruachu (see the map); the people of that area. Lagin: Leinster; the people of that area. Mumu: Munster. Mide: Meath, but really modem Meath and Westmeath; the eastern part may be called Brega. Bruig na B6inde: New Grange. Temuir: Tara. Dun Delga: Dundalk. Ath Cliath: Dublin. Bend ~tair: Howth.

Bend ~tair: Howth. Ath Luain: Athlone. B6and: the river Boyne. Life, Ruirthech: the river Liffey. Sinand: the river Shannon. ELAND Ul"'lD Emull\~ II The Wooing ofEtain Introduction Apart from being a remarkable tale, 'The Wooing of Etam' has a remarkable history ~ Although it is preserved in Lebor na huidre, the beginning of the first section and the ending of the third are missing, and only the short second section is complete. tain' finally appeared in print. The three sections are virtually independent tales.

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