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By Jemima Parry-Jones

Книга содержит превосходные цветные фотографии орлов, грифов, ястребов, коршунов, сов, соколов и других птиц. here's a dazzling and informative new advisor to birds of prey world wide. great colour pictures provide the reader an «eyewitness» perception into the area of eagles, vultures, hawks, kites, owls, falcons, and different birds of prey. See a secretary fowl stamping on a snake, a kestrel soaring in midair, a tawny eagle in flight around the web page, a burrowing owl popping out of its burrow, and a Verreauxs eagle launching itself at its prey. examine what an eagles bones and muscle tissues appear like, how falconers teach hawks, falcons, and different birds, what steppe eagles devour in iciness, and the way Harris hawks hunt in groups. observe how an alula is helping birds to fly, which chicken of prey has talons as gigantic as a grizzly bears claws, how vultures can fly for hours with scarcely a flap in their wings, and masses, even more.

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The eagle, always seen as the king of the birds, represents authority, strength, victory, and pride, and it is linked with the sun, royalty, and gods, especially sky gods. The owl may symbolize wisdom, or, because it is a bird of the night, it may be linked with death and ill fortune, its cry an evil omen. More practically, people have hunted with raptors since ancient times. As far as is known, falconry was first practiced in Central Asia about 4,000 years ago. It has been popular for many centuries in China, India, the Middle East, and Europe.

The hood “hoodwinks,“ or fools, the bird into thinking that it is night, and so time to be calm and still Peregrine falcon WEIGHT WATCHERS Probably the most important piece of falconry equipment is the scales. Falconers know the best “flying weight” of each bird and weigh their birds each day before flying them. If the bird is too heavy, it may not be hungry enough to want to hunt, or it may fly off into a tree to rest rather than come back. If it is too light, it will feel weak and sick. So it must be at the right weight for the falconer to be sure it will come back.

By going north in the spring, they can take advantage of longer days in which to hunt, and the abundant food supplies of the northern summer. Migrating can be dangerous: birds have to deal with bad weather and, much worse, people who shoot them. Hundreds of thousands of birds of prey are killed each year along migration routes; not for food, just for fun. Hunting, however, is not the worst of all the problems that raptors face. The greatest threats are habitat destruction and pollution. As the forests of the world are cut down, many raptors lose their homes, and die.

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