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There are twelve applications in all. Elven warriors 5th rank ATTACK 18 Blow Pipe (d6, 2) DEFENCE 13 Shortsword (d8, 3) MAGICAL DEFENCE 8 Armour Factor 2 EVASION 7 Health Points Reflexes: all 17 . No 1 No 2 No 3 13 13 12 The only way the party will catch the Elves up is by bringing down one of their number, whether by spell casting or missile weapons. Make an adjustment of 7 to any throw for missile weapons as they are well camouflaged and they are moving rapidly. The remaining Elves will rally around any of their number that is wounded, but will attempt to avoid further conflict if possible.

Each of the caryatids seems to represent some branch of the arts: one of the stone pillars clutches a harp, representing Music; another's arm rests on its chin as if it were lost in thought, representing Philosophy. ). If the pillars are touched they will emit an incomprehensible babble in a tongue no member of the party will be able to recognize. The language is that of the ancients and the only way to interpret the message of each pillar is to put on the helmet the party will find in Section 6, room iii.

Roll under Intelligence on d20 to determine whether any of the characters recall having seen the case before. Inside it reads thus: To Fengil, Prince of Darkness, ruler of the city of Nem, 99 I have fulfilled my part of the bargain: now fulfil yours and leave me to reign in Durindar's stead. Signed: Kilnded If the party release the Village Elder and his people (there are about fifty of them in all) they will be profusely grateful. The villagers seem very sluggish and slow by nature, but extremely wise.

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