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By Giorgio Cittadini

The e-book offers the ultimate model of a method to accomplish the double-contrast barium enema exam of the colon, which has been completely validated and confirmed within the box for greater than 15 years of its program. It discusses the explanations for utilizing this (the Genoa) method, the symptoms for appearing the double-contrast barium enema as opposed to the single-contrast exam, the stairs essential to receive a transparent colon and the optimum barium sulfate suspensions to be hired. The publication bargains additionally with the barium enema exam in childrens and admittedly discusses the relative advantages of colonscopy versue DCBE.

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Schematic drawing of the most common radiological appearances of the innominate grooves according to Williams [6] (A), marginal tapered spicules; (B), reticular; (C), linear and punctate 35 5 Fundamentals of large bowel anatomy related to the problems of DCBE The presence of the innominate lines, which is a constant finding in anatomic specimens, is connected to the presence, at regular intervals, of lymphoid aggregates which account for the contracture of the muscularis mucosae: the overlying mucosa, thinner and without glands and mucine producing cells, is stretched, thus forming regularly scattered surface depressions [10,11].

Malabsorption caused by pancreatic insufficiency (chronic pancreatitis) is also important, as well as Intestinal flora activity meteorism due to biliary diseases and mono- and polysaccharide maldigestion (maltase, isomaltase or The role of intestinal bacteria has been clearly ex- other disaccharide deficiency). As mentioned above, meteorism is also due to replained in the last few decades with germ-free animals and suitable techniques [11,12]. The knowl- duced gas reabsorption. This physiopathologic conedge of the physiologic mechanisms by which the dition can occur in case of intestinal hypotonia with intestinal flora affects intestinal gas formation is decreased intraluminal pressure [16].

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