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By David M. Farrell

This publication, in bringing jointly the various best foreign students on electoral behaviour and communique reviews, offers the 1st ever stock-take of the kingdom of this sub-discipline. the person chapters current the latest reports on crusade results in North the United States, Europe and Australasia. As a complete, the booklet presents a cross-national evaluate of the topic of political campaigns and their effects.

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In addition, there is the chance that, as campaigning resources replace arguments and political debate, resourceful actors may become unduly advantaged in political competition. Voter alienation and decreasing system legitimacy might be a consequence of such tendencies. Campaign politics may thus have implications for political culture, but it may also change the political process in other important respects, including the nature of the political actors themselves. As Ruostetsaari and Mattila observe in Chapter 6 of this volume, the personalized style of campaigning encouraged by the Finnish open-list system a¡ects the character of the parliamentary elite: traditional party politicians are increasingly being replaced by amateur, personality candidates who are publicly known for their nonpolitical merits and who are capable of private fund raising.

In so far as campaigns concern issues, political actors aim at an increased saliency of certain problems among their target audiences. In addition, Political campaigns and their e¡ects 15 they promote particular frames for these issues in the hope that these gain general acceptance as the way they should be depicted. With regard to information campaigns it is worth considering whether or not citizens actually learn what they are intended to learn through exposure to campaign communication. In some respects, the unintentional e¡ects of campaigns may be even more interesting.

A study of the 1997 British election suggests that it is important for parties to run a campaign that is thematically Political campaigns and their e¡ects 19 undistracted by other competitors or external events and that stays `on message' (Norris et al. 1999). Another analysis indicates that in the 1983 German election the Christian Democrats' campaign positively in£uenced voters' perceptions of the party's ability to solve the problems highlighted in its campaign, thus arguably contributing to its election victory (Bowler et al.

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