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By Ronald L. Numbers

This leading edge choice of unique essays specializes in the ways that geography, gender, race, and faith stimulated the reception of Darwinism within the English-speaking international of the past due 19th and early 20th centuries. The contributions to this quantity jointly illustrate the significance of neighborhood social, actual, and spiritual preparations, whereas revealing that neither distance from Darwin's domestic at Down nor measurement of group significantly encouraged how numerous areas spoke back to Darwinism. Essays spanning the realm from nice Britain and North the US to Australia and New Zealand discover many of the meanings for Darwinism in those greatly separated locales, whereas different chapters concentrate on the variation it made within the debates over evolution.

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Of primary importance was the whole issue of biblical criticism, which dramatically manifested itself in the years 1881-1883 when the Presbyterian Review published an exchange of essays on the subject in the wake of the Robertson Smith affair in Scotland. Along with A. A. Hodge and Francis L. Patton, Warfield provided a conservative critique of the position advanced by Charles A. Briggs, Henry Preserved Smith, and Samuel I. Curtiss. Having said this, as Noll has pointed out, in the early 1880s the two sides personified 28 Science, region, and religion in Briggs and Hodge enjoyed "a reasonably satisfactory relationship," and it was not until the following decade that the conservatives, increasingly worried about the critics' radicalism, took action that would lead to heresy charges against Briggs and his eventual suspension from the ministry.

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