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By Kasia Jaszczolt

This booklet is ready ideals, language, communique and cognition. It bargains with the elemental factor of the translation of the speaker's utterance expressing a trust and reporting on ideals of alternative humans within the type of oratio obliqua. the most goal of the booklet is to give a brand new account of the matter of studying utterances expressing ideals and trust experiences when it comes to an technique referred to as Default Semantics.

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After all, ambiguity reappears on the level of sentential operators and calling it pragmatic rather than semantic will not yet get rid of it. Finally, the difference between the position of metalinguistic negation and that of truth-functional negation operating on enriched propositions (Carston 1996) is not as important as it is claimed to be. Carston says that negation is truth-functional but operates on 'echoic use' of language. For example, the behaviour of polarity items in (19a) and (19b) signals that in (19b) material is 'put in quotes' and then negated: the negative polarity item 'ever', otherwise standard in such sentences, is not present.

Avoid obscurity of expression. 2. Avoid ambiguity. 3. Be brief (avoid unnecessary prolixity). 4. Be orderly. Grice (1975: 26-27). 8 Van der Auwera discusses conditionals that refer to states of affairs rather than epistemic or speech act conditionals (respectively) of the following sentences (1997: 170): (i) If she's divorced, she's been married, (ii) John has left, in case you haven't heard. 12 Discourse, beliefs, and intentions Chapter 1 Now, these inferences are pragmatic strengthenings which do not warrant semantic ambiguity.

Before resorting to indeterminacy, it has to be investigated whether both readings have equal semantic status. If one is unmarked and more basic than the other and if this unmarkedness manifests itself on the level of semantics, sense-generality is a redundant level of interpretation. 3. 8. Ambiguity of Indefinite Noun Phrases? Indefinite noun phrases are mainly used as indefinite descriptions. The latter are sometimes claimed to have even more readings than definite descriptions. For instance, sentence (35) is frequently said to have a specific reading which is postulated as a reading intermediary between the referential and the attributive.

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