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By Johannes Von Damaskos

A protracted occidental culture has seemed the Greek monastic romance Barlaam and Josaphat because the paintings of John Damascene, and the 1st severe version of the paintings seems now within the corpus of his writings. as a matter of fact - as turned obvious throughout the modifying - it's a paintings from the past due tenth century, and the writer is sort of definitely the Georgian Abbot Euthymios from Mount Athos. the tale is going again to the lifetime of Buddha and is set the son of an Indian king, who, after guideline by means of a religious ascetic, himself turns into a hermit; this Greek model is thought of as the main realized therapy of fabric which has passed through many global religions (Buddhism, Manichaeism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity).

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Kaˆ L(kaˆ Ûdati 102 Ûdasi] Ûdati CFGHIKLMN pararršousan)MNO'SU1(kaˆ Ûdati pararršousan) O'QR'SU1U2VW1W2 soi om. Kech. kaˆ1 om. GU2 koinwnoˆ ™sÒmeqa] koinwn»somen LMNO'SU1U2 ™sÒmeqa om. W1 toÚtJ] toàto GIK oÙcˆ] oÙc Ð G kaˆ3 add. t¾n LN 103 fil…an kaˆ1 om. O'S kaˆ1 add. t¾n LMN kaˆ2 add. t¾n M storg¾n add. tîn M e‡] Ó N ¥llo e‡ ti Kech. ¥llo] ¥llon K me‹zon – 104 m©llon om. K Ãn] ™stin D Ãn] nàn L ¢rnhs£meqa W1 104 ¢gnwmonoàntaj K tÕn2 – 105 aÙtÒ] tÕ kaˆ aÙtÒj G 105 aÙtÒ] aÙtÒj HKO'SV(sed rasum) aÙtÒ] aÙtÒn U1 tÕ e"nai] t¾n ™xous…an K tÕ2 om.

Epeˆ d{ prolabën toioÚtoij me kathsfal…sw to‹j _»masin, ¢nšcoma… sou toà qr£souj, tÁj protšraj mou ›neken prÕj s{ fil…aj. « 148s = Ps 54,8-9 153 `Upolabën – 155 glîttan cf. Balavar. c. 3 (Lang p. 59,2022) 155 Óqen – 156 diexÁlqej = Pass. s. Eustr. 10 (477 B 3) 156s v. supra 52ss 156 Kaˆ – 158 paršdwka cf. Balavar c. 3 (Lang p. 59,23-25) 157 ™k – sunedr…ou v. etiam infra 32 32,102 159 ¢nšcoma… – qr£souj = Pass. s. Eustr. 23 (492 D 10) 160 'Exelqën – mou cf. Balavar c. 3 (Lang p. 59,25) 150 ToÚtwn – 153 eÙlaboÚmenoj = Sym.

LU2(habet U2') parÒntwn – 43 tîn om. U2 (habet U2') 43 genšsqai post ™lp…dwn W1XYZ tîn – legÒntwn om. E' (man. rec. suppl. in marg. eŒj) ™lp…dwn des. O, continuatio est O' ïn – 45 diakÒptetai om. XYZ ïn] ïnper N aÙtîn om. O'Kech. 45 p£ntwj] p£ntwn S OÙk – ¥llwj] OÙ kalîj G d{ om. ) L 46 kaˆ – skopoà om. HXYZ diamarte‹n] ¡marte‹n Kech. CristianÒj – gšnwmai] CristianÕn genšsqai C te om. DHKMW1Y 47 ca…rein] c£rin K ca…rein – dÒxV] katalipën t¾n dÒxan D tÍ dÒxV] tÁj dÒxhj W2 (sed corr. p. ) to‹j – 48 terpno‹j] t¦ loip¦ ¹dša kaˆ terpn¦ D ¹dšoij] ¹dšsi QU1U2(U2' ¹dšoij)Kech.

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