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By Lutz D. Schmadel

This 5th version is the reputable reference for the sector of the IAU, the the world over regarded authority for assigning designations to celestial our bodies and any floor beneficial properties on them. It presents authoritative information regarding the root for all names of stripling planets

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She was previously a photojournalist at The Straits Times in Singapore. (M 61763) The name was suggested by T. H. Burbine. 8] Jarre 1942 UA. Discovered 1942 Oct. 17 by L. Boyer at Algiers. (* M 16213) Named in honor of the French composers Maurice (1924-2009) and Jean Michel Jarre (1948). Maurice studied composition at the Paris conservatoire, and wrote several music for concert works and boldly dramatic theatre music, before turning to film music, winning Oscars for his score to Lawrence of Arabia (1963) and for ’Lara’s Theme’ from Doctor Zhivago (1965).

F. Helin and S. J. Bus at Siding Spring. (* M 26550) ), an astronomer at Max J. Mutchler (1965the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, in June 2005 was the first person to identify Pluto’s second and third satellites, using Hubble Space Telescope images. 1] Barbcohen 1981 EB28 . Discovered 1981 Mar. 2 by S. J. Bus at Siding Spring. (* M 26550) ) is a planetary scientist Barbara A. Cohen (1971at the University of New Mexico. Her work on impact melt clasts in lunar meteorite breccias has provided critical tests of the late heavy bombardment hypothesis for the moon.

9] Silvanominuto 1988 ER2 . Discovered 1988 Mar. 15 by W. Ferreri at La Silla. (* M 19285) ) Amateur astronomer Silvano Minuto (1940is founder of the Suno Observatory and promoter of several regional laws on light pollution in Italy. (M 65121) The name was suggested by S. Foglia. 7] 1964 VT1 . Discovered 1964 Nov. 9 at the Purple Mountain Observatory at Nanjing. (* M 19484) Suzhousanzhong (Suzhou No. 3 Middle School) in Jiangsu province is celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary. Founded in 1906, the school specializes in scientific and technological education.

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