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By Kimberley Coles

The signing of the Dayton Peace Accords introduced greater than peace to Bosnia-Herzegovina; it additionally introduced an inflow of foreign relief staff reason on aiding Bosnia and Bosnians out of warfare. Democratic Designs examines the device package, studies, and understandings of those "internationals" charged with bringing democracy to postconflict societies round the world.

Democratic Designs is an ethnography of the practices of overseas intervention and democracy construction. Coles examines either the lives of internationals and the paintings they played in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina, so as to reveal how democracy---as a collection of meanings and practices---is equipped via regimen, instrumental, and procedural actors like audit reviews, signatures, voter registers, and election supervisors. Over a interval overlaying 5 election cycles, Coles had detailed entry to electoral kinds and reforms as they have been positioned into perform and records precisely how the privileged lives of the internationals---above the country associations they have been development and much from the realities of ordinary lifestyles in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina---interacted with their democratic works.

"Perceptive anthropology meets foreign democracy promotion---the result's an arresting, unique research of the debatable attempt to construct Bosnian democracy."
---Thomas Carothers, vp for reports, Carnegie Endowment for foreign Peace

"Democracy tasks became a box of craftsmanship and a device of empire. Democratic Designs is a superb exploration of this paradoxical world."
---Timothy Mitchell, Professor of Politics, Director of overseas middle for complicated stories, manhattan University

"Democratic Designs is a cautious, particular and considerate ethnography of electoral practices in a single case of the world over imposed 'democracy.' Coles had entry to the daily practices of manufacturing democratic elections, and recounts those in an obtainable means. The account makes a couple of vital contributions to the turning out to be anthropological literature at the sociality of bureaucracy---and internationalist forms in particular."
---Annelise Riles, Professor of legislations and Anthropology at Cornell collage and writer and editor of a number of books, together with The community within Out

Kimberley Coles is Assistant Professor of Anthropology on the college of Redlands.

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Bluville 1947-1959 39 The lesser headman's power and following in his locality We shall first focus on the means by which lesser headmen harassed their enemies and thus cowed opposition, in particular on the forms of intimidation, both explicit and threatened, which were resorted to. A common phenomenon was of the lesser headman stealing produce from those he disliked or his connivance in his relations or friends doing this. A petition filed on 30 May 1938, for instance, accuses the Vidane-Arachchi of Bluville of stealing 105 coconuts, a mammoty and an axe from the petitioner's house.

Such individuals, like the fish mudalalis, were tied into the families' patronage networks and anticipated material gains for themselves and their clients if they were to support the Doctor. Consequently, they delivered him whole blocs of votes. They were able to do this because many villagers depended on them for loans, employment, purchase of their products and intermediation with the local administration. The small landowner was often the only source of appropriate credit in the area. For many years (even after the formation of the People's Bank in 1961) credit failed to reach the small farmer, defined as owning less than two acres of paddy.

15 They had been able to build up personalized folio wings through a mixture of intimidation and favouritism. These followings had been retained for several generations as lesser headmanships tended to pass from father to son or uncle to nephew. The same families therefore monopolized lesser headmanships and patronized the same set of client families over several generations. This creation and sustaining of followings at the village level will be more closely examined in the next section. 15 See GOC (1922) and GOC (1935) for the wide range of powers of, and influence wielded by, the lesser headmen.

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