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Defining Democracy appears to be like either on the thought of why and the background of ways diverse balloting systems have turn out to be used – or no longer, because the case should be – within the 3 fields of democratic buildings: to begin with, in decision-making, either in society at huge and within the elected chamber; secondly, in elections to and inside of these chambers; and thirdly, within the a number of types of governance, from no-party to multi-party and all-party, that have emerged as a result.

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The best of these might indeed form part of a consensual polity. 2 Majority Voting: Theory and Practice As noted in the conclusions to Chap. 1, majority voting can work, when those who set the question are benevolent and/or intuitive, or when the question is posed by a neutral player such as a really independent commission – some independent commissions are not quite as independent as they should be1 – or via a group of concerned individuals mounting their own citizens’ initiative. This last-named procedure consists of a petition which, if sufficiently well supported, then goes to a binding referendum on the issue raised.

11 In this respect, then, the war achieved nothing. 2 Sudan With British officials in attendance, the two sides to the civil war in Sudan – the Khartoum government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, SPLA, along with its political wing, the SPLM or Movement – signed the Machakos Protocol. Inter alia, this was to give South Sudan the possibility of a referendum on secession, later scheduled for January, 2011. So what were/are the consequences? First, if one part of Sudan can have its own way, why not another?

Sect. 2) In Nigeria, too, there are tensions between a Moslem North and a Christian South, with much recent loss of life in the city of Jos, which straddles the two. As in Sudan, so too here and elsewhere in Africa, politicians may seek to use the referendum, this most unAfrican methodology, to take advantage of religious and tribal divides. The effects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, for example, or even South Africa, could be horrific. Now it may be that the referendum in South Sudan is peaceful, that as expected a huge majority opts for independence, and that the transition to independence takes place smoothly.

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