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By James Axler

Rising from a gateway with partners in tow, Ryan Cawdor is pressured to make an unsettling determination in regard to the red-haired Krysty Wroth, who harbors a private hope for revenge.

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Yeah," Dean said, turning his head from side to side, shuffling his feet with excitement. "Jak's right, Dad. " Nobody else had a good enough sense of smell to catch the elusive scent, but Ryan believed Jak and his son, though he didn't share their enthusiasm over the discovery. Not if it meant that a section of the sprawling military complex had been infiltrated and taken over. It could mean trouble. A WINDING CORRIDOR was marked on the plan as being only for Alternatively Abled Personnel. "Wheelchairs," Mildred said.

Or cut the cables and send him plummeting a thousand feet. He looked up, seeing the silver-painted steps spiraling for at least another hundred feet. But that didn't give him much of a clue to how many floors that distance might mean, as all of the redoubts in the network were built to incredibly high-security defensive specifications. The rest of the group was strung out below him. The Trader had always insisted that any patrol should stick to the best pace of the slowest member of the unit. A situation where someone was being pushed that little bit beyond his or her limits meant danger for everyone.

Cooking's stronger," Jak said when they'd gone about halfway up the gentle incline. "Think I can smell it," Mildred stated. "like a barbecue on a Pleasant Valley Sunday. Yeah, I'm sure of it. " The Armorer stood still, pushing his battered fedora back off his forehead. "Not sure. " "It's strong," Dean said. " Ryan rubbed at the stubble on his chin with his thumb and forefinger while he considered the implications. "Odds are, they're going to be hostiles. " The outer wall of the circling ramp was badly scuffed at about eighteen inches from the dark brown carpet tiles.

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