Download Das tapfere Schneiderlein: Die schönsten Märchen der Brüder by Caroline von Oldenburg PDF

By Caroline von Oldenburg

Ein Märchen der Brüder Grimm: Die Geschichte von einem tapferen Schneider, der SIEBEN AUF EINEN STREICH schlug und danach viele Abenteuer zu bestehen hatte, bis er schließlich die versprochene Belohnung bekam. Wie das Schneiderlein mit checklist und Fantasie eigentlich unlösbare Aufgaben meistert, erzählt das Märchen vom Tapferen Schneiderlein.

Nacherzählt und behutsam sprachlich überarbeitet von Caroline von Oldenburg.
Die Welt der Märchen zum Wiederentdecken und Vorlesen mit schönen, nostalgischen Illustrationen.

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Merle bent over farther to better see the contents of the box. Serafin, too, tried to see exactly what was in there. The casket was lined with velvet, on which lay a little vial of crystal, no longer than a finger. The envoy carefully lifted it out, heedlessly letting the casket fall. It crashed on the floor with a bang. As one, the councillors jumped at the sound. Between thumb and forefinger the man held the vial up to the opening of his hood, directly against the light of the candles. ” he murmured absently.

It’s only a rabbit. Lucy wriggled beside him, and he tightened his hold on her. The warriors above were growing ever more clear. They were cloaked in sheepskins and wore leather caps over their long, pale hair. Swords and axes hung from their belts. One was only a boy. For a long moment the men conferred, and then, miraculously, they turned back the way they had come. They would miss the village! Jack hugged Lucy. “They’re going,” she whispered. “Shh,” said Jack. The boy had turned and was once again scanning the bracken.

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