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By Stephanie Spinner

WATER SPIRIT DAMOSEL, the woman of the Lake, glides via Arthurian legend like a glamorous wraith, shimmering and transferring among the worlds of fairies and people. Her wisdom is significant (magic, steel, men’s hearts) and results in her maximum honor—and worst mistake. Damosel makes a promise to the wizard Merlin to guard younger King Arthur, after which dares to wreck it—with devastating effects. the entire whereas, 17-year-old Twixt—a dwarf in a global the place distinction may be deadly—finds himself free of his merciless masters and relocating in the direction of the only position he by no means anticipated to determine: King Arthur’s courtroom at Camelot.Stephanie Spinner intertwines the 2 narratives of Damosel and Twixt to attract us instantly into the wealthy Arthurian land of enchantment.From the Hardcover version.

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The three men—Gawaine, Tor, and grizzled Pellinore— knelt before the king, who wished them good hunting. ” 41 † C H A P TE R 9 The day was growing warm, so Nimue and I moved closer to the Lake, where we could sit with our legs in the water. Then she resumed her account. “I will start with Sir Gawaine,” she said, splashing her feet. ” I nodded. Margause and her husband, King Lot of Orkney (the same King Lot Merlin had tricked years ago, before a battle with Arthur), had five sons. Gawaine, Gaheris, Gareth, and Agrivaine were already at Camelot.

He looked very fierce. ” she confided. ” “He said” (here she lowered her voice, imitating the wizard’s somber delivery), “ ‘In dismissing that lady, my lord, you dishonor your wedding feast. Have you forgotten the royal tradition of honoring supplicants? ’ ” I knew something of this tradition; it is like our Rule of Heeding Heartfelt Entreaties, which enjoins us to help the weak and powerless. “Merlin’s words captured everyone’s attention,” continued Nimue, “and I am sure that nobody suspected that he was only 39 feigning anger—he was most convincing.

When he leaped up—and it was quite a spectacle, for he is extremely tall and thin as a stick— he was positively beaming. His quest, said Merlin, would be to find the lady’s white bratchet. “The third knight was Sir Pellinore,” said Nimue, “and he looked just as surprised as Tor when Merlin chose him. He is a seasoned knight of some age, long past the need to prove himself. Still, charged to find the lady who lost her bratchet and 40 the knight who abducted her, he seemed just as pleased as the others.

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