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By Kurt Benirschke (auth.), H.-W. Altmann, K. Benirschke, K. M. Brinkhous, A. Bohle, P. Cohrs, H. Cottier, M. Eder, P. Gedigk, W. Giese, Chr. Hedinger, S. Iijima, W. H. Kirsten, I. Klatzo, K. Lennert, H. Meessen, W. Sandritter, G. Seifert, H. C. Stoerk, H. U

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In other instances, such as in the numerous reports of true hermaphroditism with only XX cells, this cytogenetic finding often perhaps reflects an inadequate search for other clones, and an attempt is rarely made to seek other markers which might give evidence of chimerism. Hence, this large field of human mosaics and possible chimeras is in a confused state and only some specifically pertinent cases will be cited here as illustrations. In particular, I will draw attention to those six case studies in which multiple zygotic origin seems incontrovertible in an effort to stimulate search for what may be a more common developmental error than is presently believed.

In several instances the female of heterosexual twins had normal sexual development, some even had several pregnancies. Thus, the freemartin effect of ruminants is not exhibited in man, in which respect the condition is similar 2. Spontaneous Chimerism in Mammals, a Critical Review 37 to that of marmoset monkeys. Also, buccal smears and histologic study of the two skin grafts alone showed appropriate sex chromatin markers; only in case 5 is there possible chimerism of solid tissues, suggested by the weak H-saliva-antigen reaction.

The patient also had two antigenically different populations of red blood cells with like proportions, but skin culture yielded 100 % trisomic cells. No mention is made of a twin and these authors do not consider blood chimerism between dizygous twins (one perhaps a fetus papyraceous) in their pathogenetic considerations. Double fertilization seems perhaps more plausible in abortion specimens in which diploid and polyploid lines are admixed, as for instance in a specimen with populations of cells containing 2nj4n ploidies reported by THIEDE and SALM (1964).

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