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The basic mechanism behind developmental dynamics is the principle that developmentally early decisions bias the further development of the interlanguage system. This percolation of structural properties in developmental processes is known in biology and philosophy and has been termed “generative entrenchment” by Wimsatt (1986, 1991). g. Gehring 1985; Coen & Carpenter 1992; Wolpert 1992). The segmentation of the body plan occurs very early in these processes for all animals. In other words, the position of head, limbs, etc.

7) Has he seen you? Copula Inversion refers to wh-questions with a copula. g. g. ”). An example of Particle Verbs is “take off ” in “take that off ”. e. ) “Do/Aux2nd” refers to inversion in Wh-questions as in (8) to (10): (8) Why did he sell that car? (9) Where has he gone? (10) What is she eating? “Cancel inversion” describes the fact that in indirect questions subject auxiliary inversion does not apply. This is illustrated in (11) to (13). (11) I wonder why he sold that car. (12) I wonder where he has gone.

On the basis of the picture that has emerged so far, word order in subordinate clauses has been treated in exactly the same way as in matrix clauses. However, at stage x+5 the learner starts to distinguish between matrix and subordinate clauses. This is evidenced by the final positioning of verbs: [X VINF= – VINF=+ ]S, where INF = – refers to verbs not marked for person or number and INF = + refers to verbs which are marked for those features. At the same time, INVERSION disappears (sometimes gradually) from subordinate clauses.

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