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By Edwin Jaggard

This precise case-study bargains a penetrating research of the altering political tradition in Cornwall as much as and after the advent of the 1832 electoral method. It spans a century during which the county's parliamentary over-representation and infamous political corruption used to be changed via a politicised citizens for whom matters and ideas have been often paramount. numerous types of electoral behaviour are established; particularly, the continual political activism of Cornwall's farmers sticks out. regardless of remnants of the unreformed electoral approach lingering into the mid-Victorian period, Cornwall built a strong Liberal culture, outfitted upon precise styles of non-conformity; the Conservatives, cut up through dissension, observed their pre-reform ascendancy disappear.

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The inhabitants are unlike all other people on the face of the earth and many of them think their dignity requires that the Candidates should ask them personally for their votes. 27 Under those circumstances Kendall or any other aspiring MP had little choice if he wanted the voters' support. For several centuries it was fishermen who were frequently involved in what was euphemistically called 'the trade', the smuggling of brandy, gin and other goods across the English Channel from France. Although conducted covertly, smuggling was regarded tolerantly by the county community who saw little harm in cheating representatives of a distant government at Westminster.

New series, ISSN 0269-2244) Includes bibliographical references and index.  Cornwall (England: County) Politics and government.  Elections England Cornwall (County) History 19th century.  Series. 3'7081 21 dc21 99-036470 This book is printed on acid-free paper Printed in Great Britain by St Edmundsbury Press, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Page v FOR PAM, MELISSA AND SARAH Page vii Contents Page List of tables viii List of maps viii Acknowledgements ix Abbreviations xi Introduction 1 1 Economy, society, politics 7 2 County politics and parliamentary reform 24 3 Change in the unreformed boroughs 48 4 County politics and change, 18301841 74 5 Reform and dissent, 18301841 103 6 Landlords, farmers and influence, 18411868 133 7 Parties, organisation and issues, 18471868 157 8 Party management and public opinion, 18681885 182 Conclusion 213 Bibliography 221 Index 233 Page viii List of Tables 1.

Beset in the first period by low prices, high taxes and unyielding demands for tithes they joined the gentry Whig reformers in their campaign for parliamentary reform. This, the farmers correctly reasoned, could lead to stringent government economies and an easing of their tax burden, so they rallied behind their leader Penhallow Peters who was a farmer-reformer of mountainous physical presence and blunt opinions. 10 In 1872 at a Lostwithiel meeting Snell and his fellow farmers bluntly told the gentry that support for Conservative candidates would be conditional on the latter's 8 J.

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