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By Robert R. Wagner (auth.), Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat, Robert R. Wagner (eds.)

The time turns out ripe for a severe compendium of that section of the organic universe we name viruses. Virology, as a technological know-how, having only in the near past gone through its descriptive part of naming and num­ bering, has most likely reached that degree at which really few new­ really new-viruses can be found. brought on by means of the highbrow probes and methods of molecular biology, genetics, biochemical cytology, and high-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy, the sphere has skilled a real details explosion. Few critical makes an attempt have to date been made to chronicle those occasions. This entire sequence, that allows you to contain a few 6000 pages in a complete of approximately 22 volumes, represents a dedication through a wide staff of energetic investigators to investigate, digest, and expostulate at the nice mass of information with regards to viruses, a lot of that is now amorphous and disjointed and scattered all through a large literature. during this manner, we are hoping to put the total box in standpoint in addition to to enhance a useful reference and sourcebook for researchers and scholars in any respect degrees. This sequence is designed as a continuum that may be entered at any place yet which additionally presents a logical development of constructing proof and built-in concepts.

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Similar values for the molecular weight of short T-virion RNA have been reported by Brown et af. (1967c) and Schaffer et af. (1968). Bishop and Roy (1971a) and Kiley and Wagner (1972) came up with equivalent values for molecular weight determined by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. 2 20 Chapter I 106 daltons for RNAs of T virions of VS-Indiana (L strain), VSCocal, and VS-New Jersey (Ogden strain) viruses, respectively. , 1966). 1 JLm in length, or roughly one-third the length of the B nucleocapsid.

However, chemical analysis of the VS viral glycoprotein structure has hardly begun. f 5 cyanogen bromide peptides of the VS viral glycoprotein (Kelley and Emerson, unpublished data). This latter finding indicates the existence of at least 3 polysaccharide chains and, in all likelihood, there are more. None of the carbohydrate is dissociated from the intact glycoprotein by strong alkali, which indicates absence of galactose or other sugars phosphoester-linked to serine or threonine and presumably means the predominance of histidine- or asparagine-sugar linkages (Kelley and Emerson, unpublished data).

1969b). NS protein. This designation is the least satisfactory of those proposed for the VS viral proteins and will undoubtedly be superseded when more information becomes available concerning the function of this nucleocapsid protein. , 1970; Kang and Prevec, 1971). Mudd and Summers (l970a) identified on higherresolution acrylamide gels a minor VS virion protein, now designated NS, which migrates to the same position as cytoplasmic NS 1 and slightly ahead of protein N (see Fig. 6). The relatedness of the soluble and structural NS proteins is suggested by the fact that they are both phosphoproteins (Sokol and Clark, 1973; Imblum and Wagner, 1974; Moyer and Summers, 1974a).

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