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In its statutory authority (National technology origin Act of 1950, as amended), the NSF is directed to either start up and aid simple clinical examine. In its Ecology application, one mode of beginning examine is to en­ braveness the advance of recent rules via advisory workshops. The NSF is particularly directed to reinforce our nation's examine capability. additionally, stimulating new ways to analyze will stay favourite within the coming years as federal consciousness is given to expanding the innovativeness and competitiveness of the U. S. in technological know-how and engineering. a choice to start up a workshop doesn't come up de novo within the Ecology application. really, it emerges from panel discussions, conversations with in­ vestigators at conferences or at the cell, and from discussions among seasoned­ gram officials within the department of Biotic platforms and assets. This workshop used to be built to supply recommendation to the NSF and the lim­ nological neighborhood. a few NSF perceptions on destiny investment for ecolog­ ical examine on lake groups are awarded the following. Researchers usually pointed out a paucity of cutting edge lake ecology on the group point. This conception used to be followed through a definite frustration given that lakes most likely have the simplest empirical facts base of any typical atmosphere and will proceed to steer within the improvement of ecological techniques. contributors of NSF advisory panels occasionally expressed comparable matters in the course of consid­ eration of proposals for lake research.

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1981) have proposed one such landscape of relatively stable community configurations along a gradient of primary productivity in which communities are separated by ridges of sharp transition associated with establishment of higher trophic levels (Persson et al. this volume). My research has focused on the locations of any such boundary conditions, the identity and strength of (direct and indirect) stabilizing forces within or near them, and the processes generating the breakdown of existing feedback control at boundary conditions.

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