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By William C Prentiss

The Plateau quarter of the Pacific Northwest witnessed the emergence, patience, and decline of a various array of hunter-gatherer groups through the process a earlier a number of thousand yr interval. hence, the sector includes an archaeological checklist of teams who lived every now and then in everlasting villages, hired advanced source procurement and processing recommendations, participated in wide-ranging alternate networks, and maintained social firms that includes excessive levels of social inequality.Complex Hunter-Gatherers provides a extensive synthesis of the archaeology of the Plateau, which includes the Columbia and Fraser-Thompson drainages. The participants search to additional our knowing of the character of prehistoric social association, subsistence practices, and lifeways of these residing at the Plateau, and to extend upon this beginning to appreciate the evolution and association of advanced hunter-gatherers in general. 

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I submit that this explanation has little merit, for both assemblages are too dissimilar in content and are sometimes found together as discrete alternating occupation episodes at the same site (see Lawhead and Stryd 1985). Collectively considered, transition from the Lehman phase of the Nesikep tradition to the Lochnore phase can be attributed to several causes. P. representing periods of relative adaptive stability separable by punctuated periods of rapid change. Lochnore Phase (ca. ) PLATEAU PITHOUSE TRADITION (CA.

As hunger and personal gratification are powerful motivators, I suspect the latter. It is logical that once formal interregional exchange became established, a regulatory “elite” involving certain families would have emerged and evolved from it. When compared with the numbers during earlier and later horizons, regional populations were greatest during the Plateau horizon. This is inferred from the presence of many large winter village sites, extensive and intensive use of upland resources, and the high frequency of observed Plateau horizon sites.

P. was accompanied by the rapid emergence of intensified logistical “collector” behavior, extensive reliance on salmon, and the development and eventual extensive use of food-storage technology. This general pattern is consistent with data gathered for the Shuswap horizon. Efficient harvesting and storage of salmon for later consumption allowed spatial resource inequalities or food shortages to be offset during leaner months, thus sustaining steady population growth. P. , cool and moist conditions gradually changed to warm and dry conditions similar to those of today (Hebda 1982, 1995).

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