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By Agustí A., Silvestri G.A., Albert R.K.

An important instrument for all physicians who deal with sufferers with breathing disorder

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Clinical Respiratory Medicine

An important device for all physicians who deal with sufferers with breathing affliction

Atlas of Endoscopic Major Pulmonary Resections

Video-assisted significant pulmonary resections are becoming more popular, because it turns into visible that minimally invasive surgical procedure is useful by way of diminished postoperative soreness, shorted medical institution remain, shorter restoration and higher compliance to adjuvant chemotherapy, with out compromising oncological rules.

Physiotherapie bei chronischen Atemwegs- und Lungenerkrankungen: Evidenzbasierte Praxis

Das Praxisbuch bietet eine Anleitung zur physiotherapeutischen Untersuchung und nicht medikamentösen Behandlung von chronischen Atemwegs- und Lungenerkrankungen sowie respiratorischen Problemen. Der Grundlagen-Teil erläutert verständlich die Anatomie und Biomechanik des Atembewegungsapparats, die Physiologie der Atmung, die Herzfunktion sowie die autonome Funktion bei chronischen Atemwegserkrankungen.

Morbid Obesity in Adolescents: Conservative Treatment and Surgical Approaches

Because the around the globe incidence of morbid weight problems between teenagers maintains to upward thrust, contemporary years have obvious a wide elevate within the functionality of adolescent bariatric surgical procedure. whereas surgical intervention frequently turns into important whilst conservative weightloss treatments have failed, no criteria concerning the post-operative routine and long term administration of adolescent sufferers were validated.

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Dilatation of the trachea is rare and may result from a generalized defect of connective tissue. Mounier–Kuhn syndrome is the condition that causes the most dramatic tracheal dilatation (Figure 1-67). It is extremely rare and was first described in 1932. On the plain radiograph, shift of the right paratracheal stripe to the right is often the only sign of tracheal widening, and because the trachea is frequently not central, it is only if the left wall of the trachea is also identified that tracheal widening can be recognized.

B, Computed tomography of this mass demonstrates it is of fluid density and was due to a hydatid cyst. (Figure 1-51). A completely or centrally calcified nodule is diagnostic of a tuberculoma or histoplasmoma. Often, CT is required to confirm this pattern of calcification. Likewise, concentric rings of calcification are typical of healed histoplasmosis infection. Popcorn calcification, within the matrix of a pulmonary nodule, is highly suggestive of a hamartoma (Figure 1-52). Other forms of calcification do not reliably indicate whether a nodule is benign or malignant, and dystrophic calcification within a pulmonary malignancy is relatively common.

A bronchial cut-off sign is visible (arrows). A separate pulmonary mass is present in the right upper lobe. FIGURE 1-45 Right middle and upper lobe collapse. Occasionally, this combination mimics left upper lobe and lingular collapse. A, PA view and (B) lateral radiograph demonstrating changes similar to those seen on the opposite side. The major fissure shifts anteriorly and extends from the lung apex to the anterior costophrenic recess. 30 SECTION I Structure and Function right upper lobe collapse also produces appearances that are identical to those of left upper lobe collapse.

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