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By Mikko E. Waltari

This beneficial monograph provides a complete of 7 prototypes: double-sampled S/H circuits, a time-interleaved ADC, an IF-sampling self-calibrated pipelined ADC, a present steerage DAC with a deglitcher, and pipelined ADCs utilizing the SO options.

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1 µm) so that electrons can rapidly traverse the base. 1 µm compares with a typical electron diffusion length in the base of 10 µm. 2. 1. 38) 24 BASIC BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR THEORY For practical values of collector/base reverse bias the electron concentration at the edge of the collector/base depletion region is close to zero. 42) WB Nab kT This equation gives some useful insight into transistor design options, since it shows that the collector current for a shallow emitter is inversely proportional to the product of the basewidth WB and the base doping Nab .

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