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By Charles Perrault, Camille Rose Garcia

"Do no longer remain prior hour of darkness. if you happen to stay on the ball a minute longer, your trainer will back turn into a pumpkin."

Initially released in 1697, Charles Perrault's Cinderella is likely one of the such a lot loved and well known fairy stories. Cinderella has been ordered into servitude by way of her merciless stepmother and stepsisters, but if a fancy dress ball is held for the kingdom's marriageable prince, Cinderella's fairy godmother supplies her the opportunity to attend—disguised as a lavishly dressed and bejeweled princess. yet Cinderella needs to go away on the stroke of dead night, lest her tremendous outfits flip to rags and her trainer to an easy backyard pumpkin. In her flight, she leaves a tiny glass slipper in her wake—the lovelorn prince's basically clue to her identification. Will he locate her?

This new present variation offers the unabridged model of the Perrault story, with the bewitching, brilliantly coloured illustrations of popular artist Camille Rose Garcia.

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