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By Nadia Higgins

Greater than cake, greater than fireworks, or even greater than Christmas, Fiona and Frieda love fairy stories. each day at recess, they act out their favourite tales. Then, at the fifty-seventh day of 3rd grade, anything outstanding occurs. Magic flickers fill the air and the women notice they've got magic rhyming powers. all of the sudden, Cinderella's sitting on the backside of the curly blue slide, and she's crying more durable than a kindergartener at the first day of college. Can Fiona and Frieda aid Cinderella locate her fairy godmother ahead of her suggest stepsisters become aware of her? Will they assist Cinderella meet the prince--or will they break the fairy story without end? discover during this exciting, illustrated bankruptcy booklet compatible for learn alouds and starting bankruptcy booklet readers. Calico bankruptcy Books is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a department of ABDO crew. Grades 2-8.

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It had only felt like five minutes. “Well, remember, time flies when you’re having fun. ” Fiona and Frieda looked at each other and giggled. Then, they hurried back to the elevator. 62 Chapter 7 When Fiona and Frieda arrived at the penthouse apartment, it was empty. The girls could hear violin music playing on the roof. They climbed the stairs to the rooftop. Then they stood in the doorway, too amazed to move. For there, at the king’s ball, was every princess, prince, witch, queen, king, dwarf, wolf, and fairy that they had ever read about.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! There were four scruffy-looking horses to pull the coach. 43 44 “It’ll do. It’ll do,” Mrs. Merryball said to Cinderella, patting her shoulder. “Now for the footman. Hmmmm. The footman. ” Mrs. Merryball pointed her wand all around the alley. Finally she dropped her arms. “Oh, dear. ” Now this was something that Fiona and Frieda had always wondered about. ” Fiona asked. “Why, he’s the one who opens the coach’s door,” the Fairy Godmother said. “Row, row, row—,” she started singing again.

Whoops. ” Mrs. Merryball giggled. Poof! Poof! 59 There stood Frieda, dazzling in a shimmery black gown with a red, furry shawl and a diamond necklace that dangled almost to her belly button. ” Fiona said to her friend. ” Frieda said. The girls spun around to see how far their skirts flared out. ” Frieda asked Fiona. ” Fiona asked Frieda. “No time for that, girls. ” Mrs. Merryball said. ” 60 61 “What? ” Frieda said. It had only felt like five minutes. “Well, remember, time flies when you’re having fun.

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