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The recognized Cinderella and her neighbor Cinder Edna every one labored sunup to sunset for his or her depraved stepmother and stepsisters. yet whereas Cinderella had the nice fortune to be rescued by means of her fairy godmother, Edna was once powerful, self-reliant, spunky--and she lived happier ever after! "Nicely executed....This Cinderella send-up is filled with kid-pleasing jokes."--Publisher's Weekly.

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Grimm. He raised his heavy crowbar above his head and snarled. " "Easier said than done," a voice said from behind them. Sabrina and Daphne turned to see Mr. Canis emerge from the shadows with Elvis close behind. " Steve laughed. " "Shut up! " Tony shouted. " "If you run off now, no one will get hurt," Canis offered. His voice was powerful and hard but the thugs just chuckled. Even Sabrina could tell that frail old Mr. Canis wasn't going to be able to stop them. Sometimes he looked as if his own clothes were too heavy for him to wear.

They stung Sabrina's arms relentlessly until she put them behind her back, and then they tied the rope around her wrists. The boy stuck the tip of his sword into Sabrina's back. He forced her onto the diving board. " he shouted. " Sabrina exclaimed. " the boy hollered, causing the little lights to make a tittering noise that sounded like laughter. Sabrina looked down at the pool and wondered how deep the water was. There was a diving board, so it had to be deep, and with her arms tied behind her she'd certainly drown if the icy water didn't freeze her to death first.

Another note pierced the night air and the little lights buzzed into action, perching on the barbed wires that had Sabrina caught and, with a flutter of wings, pushing at the lowest wire and pulling the other one up, creating a hole big enough for Sabrina to scamper through. When she got to the other side, the little lights let go of the wires. Hamstead, trapped on the other side of the fence, squealed in frustration and searched for an opening. He waddled back and forth, huffing and grunting, but found nothing that would allow his human or pig form to pass.

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