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This can be the sequel to the 1st quantity to regard in a single powerful box conception framework the physics of strongly interacting subject below severe stipulations. this can be very important for knowing the hot temperature phenomena occurring in relativistic heavy ion collisions and within the early Universe, in addition to the high-density subject estimated to be found in compact stars. The underlying thesis is that what governs hadronic homes in a warmth tub and/or a dense medium is hidden neighborhood symmetry which emerges from chiral dynamics of sunshine quark platforms and from the duality among QCD in 4D and bulk gravity in 5D as in AdS/QCD. detailed realization is paid to sizzling subject appropriate for relativistic heavy ion procedures and to dense subject appropriate for compact stars which are both strong or at the breaking point into black holes.


  • Multi-Facets of QCD in topic
  • Cheshire Cat Phenomenon
  • Effective box thought for Nuclei
  • Hidden neighborhood Symmetry for Hadrons
  • Skyrmions
  • Hidden neighborhood Symmetry in Hot/Dense Medium
  • Hadrons within the Sliding Vacua of Nuclear topic
  • Strangeness in Dense Medium
  • Dense subject for Compact Stars
  • Compact Stars.

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This provided an unambiguous evidence that meson-exchange currents are real in Nature. We now realize that this is no big deal in the present understanding of nuclear dynamics. Here the mesons that mediate both the nuclear force and the exchange currents are particles that are observed on-shell, so there is nothing so unusual about it although it required a precise understanding of one-body processes and a systematic chiral counting before multi-body processes could be sorted out. The situation with quarks and gluons is a totally different matter.

It turns out that baryons in the color-flavor locked superconducting phase can also be viewed as skyrmions – called “superqualitons” – in a local symmetric form present in the CFL phase. It is then reasonable to interpret the quark-hadron continuity as a skyrmion-superqualiton continuity. When baryonic matter is compressed to high density, the matter can undergo a transition to superqualiton matter without change of symmetries, with chiral symmetry spontaneously broken in both sectors. What phenomena take place at the boundary is completely unknown at present.

It confines, classically, outside of the bag not only the octet pion field but also the singlet field η field associated with U (1)A . The time variation of this field on the surface generates an anomaly which makes the color charge carried by the quarks and gluons leak outside. 5in Cheshire Cat Phenomena ws-book975x65 21 caused by a quantum anomaly effect. Now the raison d’ˆetre of the second term is to prevent this leakage since the leakage produces the violation of the color gauge invariance. 1) has not been sufficiently worked out, so one cannot say with certainty whether the theory describes nature correctly and whether it is predictive enough to be tested quantitatively experimentally.

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