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By George V. Chilingar, Harold J. Bissell and Rhodes W. Fairbridge (Eds.)

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1963. The resistance of Recent marine carbonate sedinients to solution. J . Oceanog. Soc. Japan, 18: 42-52. , 1959. Manganese in modern and fossil gastropod shells. Nature, 183: 770-772. , 1960a. Magnesium, strontium and aragonite in the shells of certain littoral gastropods. J. , 34: 744-755. , 1960b. Trace elements in the tests of planktonic foraminifera. Micropaleontology, 6: 297-300. KRINSLEY, D. , 1959. Changes in the chemical composition of pteropod shells after deposition on the sea floor.

And LOWENSTAM, H. , 1953. Temperature-shell growth relations of recent and interglacial Pleistocene shoal water biota from Bermuda. J. , 61 : 424438. GINSBURG, R. Environmental relationships of grain size and constituent particles in some south Florida carbonate sediments. Bull. Am. Assoc. Pelrol. Geologists, 40: 2384-2427. GINSBURG, R. , 1957. Early diagenesis and lithification of shallow-water carbonate sediments in southern Florida. In: R. J. Le BLANCand J. G. BREEDING (Editors), Regional Aspects of Carbonate Deposition-Soc.

Of overlying water show no evidence of cementation. Inasmuch as most modern carbonates are less than 6,000 years old, possibly this is an insufficient time for the process of cementation to take place. Degree of recrystallization of metastable carbonates to stable forms is probably a function of the magnesium concentration in interstitial waters (TAFT, 1967), and time necessary for solid state recrystallization. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The lithification study on Yellow Bank, Bahamas, was sponsored by Grant No GP 2527 from the National Science Foundation.

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