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By Wheels I. Marinescu, et al

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Dressing forces may be as high as 100 N so rigid tool support is again critical. Resin CBN and diamond wheels can be trued with similar small grit tools (or “nibs”) to those used for vitrified CBN. Carius [1984] reports that diamond form blocks are also used to dress resin CBN wheels. The author is not aware of any reports yet using needle diamond blades, although it is to be expected. However, these wheels need to be subsequently conditioned, which is discussed in a separate section below. Vitrified diamond wheels, if containing a high porosity, may also be trued with diamond nibs.

The process is much quicker than plating, but the higher temperatures cause greater distortion and form error. d. with ±2 µm. Depending on the required tolerances, most rolls are then lapped where necessary to correct profile errors and reinforce key areas. Modern processing methods are such that RPC rolls do not necessarily require lapping in many instances to produce the required form tolerances. Certainly the lower processing temperatures result in low distortion. Therefore the amount of and variation in lap, and hence, consistency of performance from one roll to another, is less.

That, combined with the harder wheel grade, makes a higher crush ratio necessary and a more aggressive truer design to compensate. 8. The only exceptions to these are where dressing is expressly required to lower finish to a minimal value, or because of a lack of dresser spindle motor torque. 21 Fracture modes of 80# GE type 1 abrasive. (From Ishikawa and Kumar 1991. 3 CRUSH RATIO Crush ratio can have a profound effect on the dressing action. Ishikawa and Kumar [1991] reported a study on dressing of vitrified bonded wheels containing coarse grade 80# GE 1 abrasive.

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