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By Mark Stensaas

Warblers, wolves, and whirligig beetles-the creatures of the canoe state come alive in Canoe nation Wildlife. during this read-aloud-treasure, "Sparky" Stensaas, naturalist and storyteller, intrigues readers together with his stories of assembly the wooded area inhabitants-from tiny toads to majestic moose. every one web page describes those creatures and their conduct safely so you are going to understand the place and while to appear for them. distinctive line drawings illustrate every one animal essentially so you are going to realize what you are seeing.

Written for the curious naturalist in each one people, Canoe kingdom Wildlife takes readers a tremendous step past box publications. it is stable studying earlier than, in the course of, and after a visit via canoe state.

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Oozing sap from holes drilled in Paper E3irch trees by Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers is quickly lapped up. They also gnaw through the bark of Sugar Maples to get at the sweet sap. bush or tree. A Red Squirrel put it there to dry before being stored. This activity makes squirrels important dispersers of fungal spores. A typical territory may contain fourteen thousand stashed cones and mushrooms, enabling the well-prepared squirrel to survive two years of cone crop failure. Storing cones in hollow logs and stumps prevents them from drying and prematurely losing their seeds.

The canoe country without the cry of the loon is quite unimaginable. Sparky says: Become a loon interpreter! Refer to the loon language section and learn all four calls. See if you can identify the yodel, tremolo, wail, and hoot on your next trip. Remember, only the male yodels. The hoot is the most difficult one to hear, since it is very soft. Once you master these you'll be an official loon linguist! BIRDS T T he "punk duck"—I've heard it from my campers many times. " You've seen it too if you've paddled the northern waterways.

Just looking for a sweet drink, they occasionally fall in and drown. Flying squirrels are poor swimmers due to their loose flaps of patagial skin. When it becomes too dark to see the bark of a tree from 6 feet away, it is dark enough for flying squirrels to emerge from their abandoned-woodpecker-hole homes and face the gathering darkness. Clinging to the trunk, head down, the squirrel bobs its head, triangulating with large, wide-set eyes on a nearby target tree trunk. Leap. Forelegs and hindlegs spread its patagial cape wide, like a miniature Superman.

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