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By Fritz Bogott

Tiny inventors Alvy and Alby holiday into houses and play Rube Goldberg useful jokes. whilst Alvy all at once disappears, Alby enlists assistance from of his younger victims-- yet they locate they're facing forces of an unforeseen scale.

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42 Boggle & Sneak Mom and Dad, after asking the girls not to run up any additional spectacular water bills, have also locked themselves away upstairs. So it is only the girls, their aching fingers, their leather tongues, and the jitters. ” Lisa asks. “Don’t be like that,” Kirsten says. ” Lisa asks again. ” “They’ve got to come,” Kirsten says. ” “And anyway,” she continues. “We’ll be ready for them tomorrow night too. ” She glares at the thermos-lid and shakily takes another sip. A gust of wind ruffles the house’s skirts, and the neighbor’s dog buries its 43 Boggle & Sneak head deeper into its paws.

Then he shimmies back along the hook, holds on tight with his knees and ties a knot through the hole at the top of the innermost balloon-bag. He lets the rest of his string out in a long dangling loop, careful not to snag it on the merchandise below. Alvy, watching, sucks in a nervous breath. 47 Boggle & Sneak Alby tries to look down. He hears rustling below him. He shrinks back against the back of the shelf and holds his breath. A uniformed employee walks by briskly, humming, oblivious. Alby, hanging onto his hook at waist-level with the clerk, follows the clerk’s passing apron pockets with his eyes, painfully aware of the wadded empty stocking caps in the aisle below.

The door bells jingle faintly. ” Alvy asks, her voice crackling over the headset radio inside Alby’s motorcycle helmet. Alby looks over questioningly at his sister, then returns his attention to his front-view mirror. ” Alvy asks. Her eyes are also darting back and forth between her speedometer and her frontview mirror. ” Alby asks. He tenses his grip on the throttle, and his motorcycle climbs the side of the barrel slightly, causing the whirling barrel to arc slightly toward the middle of the street.

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