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By Anne Rice, A. N. Roquelaure

Anne Rice writing as A. N. Roquelaure.

Beauty is bought into erotic slavery and compelled to obey the orders of the Captain and Mistress Lockley.

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The auctioneer clamped his hand over her mouth and he forced her up with her chin in the air, letting her go to stand with her back arched. “I will collapse, I will faint,” Beauty thought, her heart pounding in her breast, but she was standing there, enduring it, even as she felt the sudden tickle of the leather-covered rod between her pubic lips. ” she thought, but already her wet sex was swelling, hungering for the rough stroking of the rod. She squirmed away from it. The crowd roared. And she realized she was twisting her hips in horrid vulgar fashion to escape the sharp prodding examination.

Not even in the village could a slave’s flesh be broken; never could a slave be burned or truly harmed. No, her punishments would all enhance. And she knew by now just how much could be accomplished with the innocent-looking black leather strap and deceptively decorated leather paddle. But in the village she would be no Princess. Tristan would be no Prince. And the crude men and women who worked them and punished them would know that with every gratuitous blow they were doing the Queen’s bidding.

Is there no one to outbid him? Do I hear more for this gorgeous prince? ” Another bid, but at once the Chronicler topped it, his voice so soft it was a wonder Beauty heard, and this time his bid was so high that clearly he meant to shut off all opposition. “Sold,” the auctioneer cried out finally, “to Nicolas, the Queen’s Chronicler and Chief Historian of the Queen’s village! ” And as Beauty watched through her tears, Tristan was roughly pulled from the platform, rushed down the stairs, and driven towards the white-haired man who stood composed with his arms folded, the dark gray of his exquisitely cut jerkin making him look the Prince himself as he silently inspected his purchase.

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