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By Cameron MacKenzie

The predominance of post-modern proposal within the latter 1/2 the twentieth century has
brought philosophy to a concern of self belief in its skill to enquire and comprehend
our present fact. The complacent relativism that has emerged from post-modern
discourse leaves us unprepared to stand both the dominance of a dis-associative free-market or the emergence of regressive fundamentalist totalitarianism. Alain Badiou projects
philosophy with recuperating the method of logical research into the first forces
which form our lives, and he does so through equipping philosophy with either a method and an
end: philosophy is a mathematical ontology within the unending pursuit of fact.
In an try to deal with the problems of infinitely relative place and totalitarian
authority, I comprehend Badiou to attract most importantly from Wittgenstein’s thought of
the scenario and Heidegger’s suggestion of Being, putting either one of those insights in the
mathematical framework of set thought as trained by means of Paul Cohen, doing so within the
distinctly Platonic spirit of an entice fact because the antidote to the sophistry of post-modern inspiration.
Such issues with the intersection of authority and place are exceptionally
modern ones, and for Badiou we stay stuck at the horns of the trendy quandary of
the undisputed grasp and the limitless position. the method of overcoming any such fake
dichotomy, Badiou indicates, comprises a go back to the scene of its founding within the
century’s mind's eye, the instant of its poetic enunciation. via an research of
the severe and inventive paintings of Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot among the wars, I current
their extraordinary know-how of this challenge and their makes an attempt to beat it, concentrating on
their respective moments of good fortune and failure as understood via a critique in keeping with
Badiou’s ethics and aesthetics.

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This is not to say that everything nameable, suddenly is. What the excrescent multiple does do is allow us to speak of a model which might exist. To return to the above example of American slavery, the political reality of being an American today is both similar and dissimilar to the political reality of “American” in 1850. The first model established by the abolitionist movement in which the African slave would become the political American was both true and false. Just as in Cohen’s model MG, the interaction of the known and the unknown, pushed forward by the will of an agent, leads to a twin conditioning of each position - of each model - until a new model is reached.

All situations are not, however, equal. 2 Ontology, then, begins to uncover a truth by classifying the various possible structures of a situation. The presentation, or structure, can be classified in three ways based on the different types of multiple which compose them. The three possible types of multiple are: normal, which are presented in the situation and represented in the state; excrescent, which are represented in the state but are not present in the situation; and singular, which are presented in the situation but not represented in the state (IT 18).

To twist O’Hara’s example slightly, slavery facilitated the rapid growth of wealth in early America, yet slaves were not recognized politically as American (40). Slaves were recognized (and certainly unrecognized) in other ways – as human, as inhabitants of America, as Christian and so forth - but the political position of “American” is necessarily founded upon the active exclusion of Africans; “founded” because, as Robert Fogel and others have argued, America would lack the financial means to declare itself independence without the work provided by African slaves.

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