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3). B. Persuasive Speeches (paras. 4-32) : 1. The Enthymeme-a syllogism based on unexamined previously existing opinion (paras. 4-25). a. The forms of syllogisms bring about conclusions by their special construction (paras. 5-15). 1. categorical syllogisms (paras. 6-7): (a) (b) 11. how this works in the first figure (para. 6). how this works in the second and third figures (para. 7). conditional syllogisms are oftwo kinds (paras. 8-13) : (a) conjunctive-how it becomes an enthymeme (para. 8). (i) an example of an erroneous use of this by Galen (para.

2 However, the art of dialectic, does not carry the matter out in such a manner; rather, it asserts that a judgment applies to all [of something] because it applies to most of it, for it is generally accepted that the lesser follows the greater. (10) Even if all of the particulars are exhausted, induction-insofar as it is induction-does not by itself and primarily set forth the essentially necessary predicate. For it is not impossible for that universal to be a predicate of all of those particulars accidentally-like someone who holds the opinion that everything which comes into being comes into being from what already exists.

36) Reports about those things we have perceived by the senses are of no use or benefit. It seems this is likewise the case concerning intellectually apprehended things for those practitioners of arts whose habit it is to deduce such intellectually apprehended things in their art. For the multitude, however, testimony about them may possibly bring about persuasion. ammad] concerning knowledge of the origin of the world, the existence of the Creator, and other things; rather, concerning knowledge of that, it also employs syllogisms.

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