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By Grace Moyer Frounfelker

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1 Small children live much of their awareness in that nonphysical world. When we live close to children, we are blessed whenever they invite us inside that world, to view it from the child's perspective. Kelsey admits, "It is not easy for mature people to grasp this idea of two ways of experiencing and knowing, and of two areas or realms that can be known. Children, however, can get it quite easily since they have not been conditioned into believing that the realm of sense experience and physicality is all that exists.

Dr. Diane Komp, a pediatric oncologist, teaches and practices at Yale University School of Medicine. In her book A Window to Heaven she tells the story of her own journey from unbelief to faith, guided by her patients, children suffering and dying from cancer. " She describes herself as having been somewhere between agnostic and atheist. "Over the years," she says, "I have come to the conclusion that dramatic conversion to disbelief is rare. More often, faith dies from disuse, atrophy, a failure to be exercised.

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