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By Christian Waldschmidt, Werner Wiesbeck

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J. C. Andrews: Mercury Speciation within the atmosphere utilizing X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy. -H. Zhang: Photochemical Redox Reactions of Mercury. -D. C. Bebout, S. M. Berry: Probing Mercury complicated Speciation with Multinuclear NMR. -G. J. supply: Mercury(II) Complexes with Thiacrowns and similar Macrocyclic Ligands.

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Cf. Vol. I, p. 10, the connection between Knowing and Being and also the notion of the organism, p. 381. ยง This discipline has been developed in recent years by the author and his co-workers at the Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philosophy and the Sciences. ] mental exercise for people trained in analytical thinking; but it is beginning to make its way into several fields. We shall in the present chapter, develop the systematic approach as far as is needed for our subsequent studies.

One other general property of systems remains to be considered. This we shall refer to as term-adequacy. If the terms of a system cannot be clearly discerned in a given structure, the required characters will be lacking and the system in question is then inadequately represented. To illustrate the point, let us take the three terms: father-mother-child. It is easy to see that the father adequately represents the affirming impulse, the mother the receptive and the child the reconciling. Compare this with three terms: man-fish-tree.

Vol. I, pp. ] There are six second order connectivities that are symbolically represented by the order of the three impulses. They correspond to the fundamental laws of will of Vol. II Chapter 28: 1-2-3 Expansion 2-1-3 Concentration 1-3-2 Interaction 2-3-1 Identity 3-2-1 Freedom 3-1-2 Order The dynamism of a structure is usually a combination of many triads. Sometimes it is possible to recognize a dominant triad. This is an indication that the structure is closely connected with one of the fundamental cosmic processes.

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