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A bibliography for artists, architects, designers, photographers, paintings historians, archaeologists, educators, & museum execs. choices from Reference & study ebook information and SciTech e-book information. short reports of approx. 1,500 books from numerous hundred publishers.

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Recent Developments in Mercury Science

J. C. Andrews: Mercury Speciation within the surroundings utilizing X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy. -H. Zhang: Photochemical Redox Reactions of Mercury. -D. C. Bebout, S. M. Berry: Probing Mercury complicated Speciation with Multinuclear NMR. -G. J. provide: Mercury(II) Complexes with Thiacrowns and comparable Macrocyclic Ligands.

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By Bruce Granville Miller. U. of British Columbia Press, ©2007 323 p. 00 The Coast Salish, who ranged from western Washington state to British Columbia, were once thought to be a mere subsidiary of the more southerly Coast nation. Recent research shows, however, that the Coast Salish have a distinct culture and approach to faith and language, and these ten articles detail some of that research, covering what we now know about Coast Salish history and identity, religious tenets such as the honoring of ancestors, the narrative complexity of such scholars as Fred Ewans, language revival programs of the Nooksack tribe ad the Stolo Nation, conceptions of warfare and pacifism, and the role of ethnography in the interpretation of archeology related to the Coast Salish.

Antipina, Klavdiya et al. Photographs by Roland Paiva. Skira Editore, ©2006 189 p. 75″) this volume presents a detailed survey of the traditional clothing worn in Kyrgyzstan that was compiled but never published by Klavdiya Antipina, the primary scholar of Kyrgyz costume and material culture (and derived from interviews with her before her death in 1996). Skilled color drawings of the costumes (by Temirbek Musakeev) and superb contemporary b&w and color photograph portraits of Kyrgyz wearing traditional clothing or hats (by Paiva) accompany the text.

U. of Utah Press, ©2007 263 p. 00 Lekson (anthropology, Museum of Natural History, U. of Colorado, Boulder) assembles eight essays on the architecture of the ruins at Chaco Canyon. Most of the essays are based on papers given at a conference held in September and October of 2000 at the U. of New Mexico and at Chaco Canyon, part of a larger project called the “Chaco Synthesis,” which hosted small conferences synthesizing Chaco Project fieldwork. They focus on the “great houses,” which were built from 850 to 1150.

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