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356. From the t w o different Armenian w o r d s used in v. 17 it appears t h a t this t h r o n e had three separate seats. At t h e second occurrence of t h e w o r d w finn ' t h r o n e ' in this verse, only E h a s t h e plural. utuiuuuiLnpp 'servants': T h e reading is of A B D , while C E read unmbpuiLnpg 'sword bearers'. T h e heavenly a r m y is a m o r e usual feature of t h e lower heavens; cf. Test. Levi iii: 2. B u t t h e heavenly hosljs m a y b e s p o k e n of as an a r m y . g.

This work is an extract from the writing published by Yovsep'ianc' from a Venice manuscript under the title This is the History of the Sons of Adam, Abel and Cain. An English translation was published by Issaver­ dens and a German rendering by Preuschen. It was pointed out by Liidt­ ke that this work shows strong connections with a Georgian Adam apocryphon, of which he notes the salient features. As MS Erevan is incomplete and leads to few major changes, neither the text of Yovsep'ianc' nor Issaverden's translation is reproduced here in full.

3 And the angel brought him the tools of smithery, the pincers and the hammer, and instructed (him) by working with him at the command of God, 4 After which (one) T'obel by name, one of Adam's grandchildren, became a skilful smith of iron and bronze and since then none lived as skilled as T'obel. ' 6 And after this she bore Abel which is translated 'Mourning' and a daughter, Ema by name. 7 And then, after this, she bore Seth, which is translated 'Comforter' on qunuui ' t h e m ' : This p l u r a l form is correct ( t h e singular, following Issaverdens, w a s suggested in HTR, L I X ) .

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