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Apparentlyrunning 45. ) south-eastto north-west, and cut for a depthof notedby Hood and Smythin April,1976, in the about one metreinto the kouskouras,exposedin sidesof cuttingsforthefoundations of a housein the sidesof a modernagricultural west of the pit southof the the angle of the roads immediately path in 1976. ) 37. AlexandraKaretsou). C 4 evidentlythrownfrom the pit, included some (information Hellenisticand some which might be Roman 46(11). THOLOS TOMB, apparentlyMINOAN, (Knossos Logbook pp.

CODE: TEK(E)/75 and xxiii:3 andp. 11 camefromthem. C4 76). In 1957 a disturbedtombwithpotteryranging 48 (13). Large ROMAN BUILT TOMB with an fromProtogeome trie to Orientalizing was cleared INSCRIPTION, found amongthe housesof Teke in the southernpart of the area; while another westof themainroad(information fromN. Platon, tombin the olivegroveabove thebankto the east 1957). C4 was foundemptybut withthe blockingwall still 49. BRONZE SPEAR-HEAD and SUBMINOAN in place in its entrance(BSA lviii(1963) 42 f.

PM iv 771 ff. and index 75. Pini 82). M. Stationery Office, London (1946), 26. Cf. KCh 1947, 628). The constructionof the tomb was at firstdated by Evans to M. M. Ill on the basis of the signs (masons' marks)carvedon the blocks of which it was built, but later (PM iv 774) to L. M. II to which period the earliesttraces of burialsrecovered are assignable. The tomb was re-used for burials in L. M. Ill C like the KEFALA THOLOS TOMB 17. A few Geometric sherds were recovered 'ratherin the upper levels' of the tomb (Archaeologia lix (1905) 140).

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