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That body was attractive only because of the presence of the Lord within. That Lord illuminates the Self and the non-self. Why do women put flowers in their hair? They do so to disguise the body odor. In this age of Kaliyug the head smells, the body smells and that is why they put flowers in their hair to cover the body odor. The women of the past era were padmini, meaning they had so much fragrance to their body that even if they were cooking in the kitchen their fragrance would carry throughout the home.

He leaves behind his children from the past life and clings to the ones of this life. If something was truly ‘yours’, it could never be taken away from you and whatever is taken away from you was never yours to begin with. Even if you have just one son, he will not remain yours. Is there anyone in this world worth having attachment (moha) for? How can you have attachment for those who ‘smell’? Would you feel attracted to a mango that smells? During the time of satyug (time cycle of purity in thoughts, speech and 28 Aptavani-2 actions) human beings were ‘fragrant’.

When an elephant bathes in water, he becomes nice and clean but the moment he comes out of the water, he dusts his body with mud. Such is the state of the human being. Atmagnan is rare, extremely, extremely rare. Liberation is merely a word and any reference to it is mere talk because it is not so easy to attain. Everyone with prakrutgnan believes, ‘I know everything’. The pitiful ones! All they know is prakrutgnan; it is all relative knowledge. What they need to know is atmagnan (knowledge of the Soul).

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