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By Brant E. Fries

L-';icoI: .io::: .; zero: (1llL .aL'.On; n: \.!iI: -c:: te"hniC), 'l::: s )at shape: .he r.0re of tradioni"! ope!"a tions learn curric..I1u::1s. The: .;e mi::: oJ5 ir..:: lu !e techni(j"ef' witn particular applic: ltions: the ti)Cori of

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Y of nn over~lc'''' or beds or of over-utilization of hos,Jital servic~s. The feasible date that best balances the h05pita1's t~rgct occupancy and the patient's preferrcd data of ad:':lission i, th-::-n choscn. Finally, ~ne article bi WED~ ET AL. ve or deterJ:lining the! number o! tal (tc. be used as the basis for an assu:':",~~ target-census rule;. n in the ~u~ber of: emergent admissions. :ln that achieved in practic~. ,lement and el(:ctive admission scheduling proF0s~s policic~ in the ab~tract.

Ire:- of len ,~n moving patrol, etc. >e concerned explicitly wit;l ambulances and not with the gcnerLil problems e: emergency vehicle!.. In this, i\ merc restrict! , of th.! problem area is takE-n than that of m~"::LLE ET AL. · of moCels '",hich have or could address the deployment cf e~e~;~n~y mc1ical v~hicle~. 1 geographical areii. lel, assl';:ting that calls in ex::ess of the capacity of the system arc "lost" or h~ndl~d by ambulances in other districts. The model allow~ the number of ambulance r~quired to respond Jmmediately to a given percentage ~f calls.

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