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1. Dyschirius aeneus aeneus (Dejean, 1825) References. Dyschirius aeneus: Apfelbeck, 1904: 72 (Velipoja near Lezhë); Apfelbeck, 1907a: 495 (Buenë River); Müller, 1922b: 76; Hieke & Wrase, 1988: 31. Dyschirius aeneus aeneus: Balkenohl, 2003: 224. 46 ANNOTATED CATALOGUE OF THE CARABID BEETLES OF ALBANIA / BORISLAV V. GUÉORGUIEV Material studied. “Durrazo” / “Albania leg. Bischoff 1931”, 1 s. (MNHUB); “Durres” / “Albania leg. Bischoff 1932”, 1 s. (MNHUB). 6. Dyschirius apicalis Putzeys, 1846 References.

Mader”, 16 s. (HNHM; NMW); “Tomor-Buranj Juli 1932” / “Albania leg. Bischoff 1932”, 12 s. (MNHUB); “Bojana Shkoder 1934”, 8 s. (NMW); “Gjinokastrë Umg. Albania 1934 Bischoff ”, 1 ex. (NMW); “Mal i Dajtit” / “Albania leg. Bischoff 1935”, 8 s. (MNHUB); “Tiranë” / “Albania leg. Bischoff 1935”, 1 s. (MNHUB); “Berat” / “Albania leg. Bischoff 1936”, 5 s. , P. Stoev leg. , G. Blagoev leg. , L. Penev leg. , R. Ward leg. (CMNH). Notes. Marggi et al. (2003: 242) have omitted the species for Albania. Here A.

Carabus dalmatinus procerus: Apfelbeck, 1918c: 160 (North Albanian Alps). Carabus caelatus var. procerus: Apfelbeck, 1918c: 163 (North Albanian Alps, 1300-2000 m). Carabus caelatus dalmatinus n. procerus: Breuning, 1935: 1300 (Lezhë District); Breuning, 1978: 258. Material included (studied A. Vigna Taglianti). , A. Paparistos leg. (cAVT). Notes. , 2003: 253) is misunderstanding. Actually this Turkish word is an equivalent to the English one “district”. 5. 1. Carabus croaticus durmitorensis Apfelbeck, 1904 [= ljubetensis Apfelbeck, 1917; babinjensis Apfelbeck, 1919] References.

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