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By Vicki Hearne

A New York Times striking e-book of 1994!  hugely revered writer, thinker, and animal coach Vicki Hearne bargains a treasure trove of animal anecdotes, all written in her detailed and poetic kind. via pleasing tales approximately cats, horses, a decorative carp, a scorpion, and tortoises, Hearne specializes in how every one of those a variety of creatures reviews happiness in its personal unique manner. She takes factor with Ludwig Wittgenstein on lions and language, discusses the naming of pets, and considers the method of mourning a enjoyed dog’s demise.

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Punishment is not an effective training tool and successful trainers do not use it, no matter what the animal activists may tell you. Modern zoos now try to give their captives a certain amount of training because the animals enjoy it, and are healthier and happier with it than without it. In short, the One Big Thing that became Hearne’s message is that animals are much like ourselves, complete with empathy, consciousness, intelligence, and humor. The lion can and does speak to us, and, if we haven’t deafened ourselves with misinformation, we can readily understand him.

That meant that Mama and Papa didn’t have to console an upset child, which in turn meant that they were free to keep their attention on the stars of the show, who were educating the public about the extraordinary abilities of dogs. Ellie is opinionated about dog behavior; she’s a mother and has had to raise some unruly sons. That’s why she ended up refusing to allow Bobbie Morris, her owner, to let a houseguest, two-year-old Fallon, play with a new toy. Fallon had just been given one of those stuffed dogs that bark and run around when you clap your hands, and then stop barking and stand still when you clap again.

And suddenly it was 1985, and I was in New York, and the announcer was saying that the next horse on the course was Largo, ridden by Rob Gage. As I watched them take the massive and deceptive fences of that course, I saw that at least one of those kids had learned how to ride. The kid was gone. Here was a grown-up who had acquired the genuine authority of the true horseman while I wasn’t looking. He and Largo had a clean go, met the standards set for them. The next morning, I learned that Gage had won the title Grand Prix Rider of the Year.

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